What is Skin Purging?

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With so many orders of our CLEAR Face Wash going out recently and with the addition of our new SKIN GLOW Tea, I wanted to retouch on the topic of skin purging. For those who follow us on social media, you've seen this information before, but it is SO important for people to know what is going on with their skin when they try new products! Some people don't give their products a chance to work once they see what appears to be "more acne" than when they started, not knowing that it may be a good thing!

So let's get into it.

What is skin purging?

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, skin purging is a reaction to an active ingredient that increases cell turnover rate, meaning that the ingredient causes the skin to shed dead cells faster than normal. This rapid shedding of dead skin cells is what causes "more acne" to appear once beginning the use of a new product with such ingredients; excess sebum (the skin's natural oil), bacteria buildup, flakes, and other pore-cloggers rise to the surface of the skin to be pushed out. In the case of an internal detox, such as with our Herbal Tea, the body releases any stored toxins into the blood stream so that they can be carried out, whether via liver filtration, the kidneys, the colon/digestive system, or through the skin. Depending on your body's current toxin load, your skin may be called on to help detox. The skin is the body's largest detoxifying organ after all. Purging looks different from person to person and can include any or a mixture of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, pustules, cysts, and even dry/peeling skin. We cover this in more detail in our Eating for Acne E book.

This process heals and thoroughly cleans the skin from the inside out, leaving you with fresh, new skin cells and a better complexion.

Skin Purge vs Breakout

Purging is NOT to be confused with a breakout, which can also occur as a result of beginning new skin care products. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" skin care. So how do you know if you are purging or breaking out? 

Skin purging versus acne break outs

In summary, if you see "new" bumps in areas you tend to breakout in, they aren't painful, itching, or inflamed, and they clear up quickly without leaving scars, your skin is purging. If you see bumps all over your face, even in places where you normally don't have acne, the bumps are irritating and painful, and they leave behind dark marks as they heal, you're experiencing a breakout. 

When beginning use of our CLEAR Face Wash or SKIN GLOW Tea, if you see "more"  bumps appear, don't be so quick to switch up your routine! Give the products time to work! My skin purged for only 3 days after my first uses of CLEAR in its current formulation, and its been beautiful ever since. 

In the case of purging, STAY CONSISTENT!! If you cease use of your product in an attempt to avoid the purging process, you'll only prolong your acne problems! Purging is temporary, and once its over, the results will be worth it! In the case of a breakout, discontinue use of the product immediately to allow your skin to heal.

An analogy I like to use is a dirty house. Imagine you have a house with all types of dirt and slime and gunk on the outside AND its filled from floor to ceiling inside with trash and garbage bags. Simply hosing down the outside of the house won't make the house clean because of all the trash inside of it. In order for that house to truly be clean, the trash inside must be taken out too. Your skin works the same way. 

With all that being said, learn the signs of purging! 

For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our CLEAR Face Wash, SKIN GLOW Tea, or skin purging, be sure to Contact Us, or leave a comment below and we'll get back to you!

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