Body Care: Summer 2022 Collection

Welcome to our VERY FIRST Wellness Wednesdays Blog!!!

For those who are new, we extend you a very warm welcome. Wellness Wednesdays is a weekly segment we do to highlight different ways to help others advance in their wellness journeys. From things like plant based recipes to stress relief tips to reviewing the benefits of our products, Wellness Wednesdays is the ideal way to help you stay healthy and beautiful, inside and out.

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Now on to the GOODS.

This year’s summer seasonal collection features the return of our customer-favorite Body Glows in addition to an all new line of Coconut Oils to help you stay moisturized in this heat without having your products melt off.

Our Body Glows are the perfect oil-based enhancement for glistening, glowing skin. Made with only 2 ingredients, Grape Seed Oil and Mica Powder, they add a subtle yet noticeable sparkle to the skin, in or out of sunlight. Who says body shimmers can’t be all natural?

Grape Seed Oil is known to correct skin discoloration, lock moisture in the skin, absorb easily, AND protect your skin from sun damage. No worries about greasiness or sun sensitivity with beauty from Bene Beauty by Bri. 

New features include scented options and a new shade! The OG trinity, Autumn Leaves, Golden Sands, and Decadence, are now accompanied by 24K; a pure gold shade to expand product versatility. Stay lightweight and reduce product layering this summer by copping your favorite Body Glow! Instead of buttering, oiling, then body glowing up for soft supple skin with sweet scents, keep it cute and simple with your choice of scented Body Glow including:

  • Sweet Vanilla  
  • Floral Fruit  (lavender and sweet orange) 


  • Eden (rose, raspberry, and coconut)

Of course, plain unscented options are always available.

Complimentary to these sweet smelling shimmer oils, our new Coconut Oil line also captures the essence of summer in 4 different scents. 

Our unique blend of coconut oils stay liquid in room temps where most coconut oils tend to solidify. How convenient is it to not have to scoop out your body oil??

Coconut Oil is known to have antimicrobial properties that help protect the skin from many types of bacteria or fungus-caused infections like acne and athlete’s foot. It also helps reduce inflammation to calm skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. It helps keep the skin hydrated by sealing in moisture, keeping out bacteria, and healing scars and wounds. I also MUST mention how incredibly soft it makes you. Sometimes I rub myself for fun because my skin just feels that good.

Like any other oil, our Coconut Oils are SEALANTS, NOT HYDRATORS. The ONLY thing that can hydrate your skin is WATER!!! So that means apply it fresh after your showers while you’re still damp to lock in all that juicy H2O.

Be sure to shop our Seasonal Collection right here on!

What are some other ways you like to use coconut oil outside of personal care? Let us know in the comments below!

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