The Power of Sound

"Music sounds are another form of healing energy. Music enters the human body by way of the skin, eyes, ears, and foods. [...] Musical notes holistically heal dis-eases of the spirit, mind, body, and organs." -Dr. Llaila Afrika

Sound therapy utilizes sounds like deconstructed music, frequencies, and tones to heal different aspects of the body. It works by altering your brainwaves to align with the frequency of the sounds that you're listening to. This form of therapy can help relieve a variety of different ailments like headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and even depression. 

In a stressed or anxious state, your brainwaves are hyper-active and the brain is overly alert.

Insert calm sounds; a gentle rain storm, ocean waves hitting rocks, sound bowls, birds chirping...your brainwaves will begin to align with said sounds, helping to calm you down and destress you. 

Check out our new and growing playlist of healing sounds for stress relief, sleep, focus, meditation, and balance. 

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