Product Subscriptions

Pay as You Go Subscriptions

Pay as you go subscriptions are essentially product subscriptions that you pay for each time the product is supposed to be shipped out. They renew every 6 weeks at a 5% discounted rate.

For example, if you sign up for a Pay as You Go subscription for our Creamy Shea Body Butter, you will be charged every 6th week of your subscription. Following successful payment, your body butter will be shipped out during that 6th week.

By signing up for this type of subscription, you save 5% on each purchase of body butter without having to come back to the site to place another order when you run out; it is done for you.

Prepaid Subscriptions

Prepaid subscriptions are subscription renewals that you pay for in advance and you just receive the product as it is shipped out. They renew every 3 months with your product being delivered once a month during that 3 month period. The discount for Prepaid subscriptions is 10%.

For example, if you sign up for a Prepaid subscription for our Black Magic Beard + Hair Conditioning Oil, you will be charged the price of 3 Black Magic Beard Oils every 3rd month of your subscription. Following successful payment, your beard oil will be shipped out once every month for the 3 months you paid for without any additional charges until your subscription bill renews in another 3 months.

By signing up for this type of subscription, you save 10% on each beard oil, you only get charged once per quarter, and you receive your product every month without having to come back to the site to place another order or make a subscription payment every month.

So what's the main difference?

The main difference between Pay as You Go subscriptions and Prepaid subscriptions is that Pay as You Go subscriptions charge the payment of one product every 6 weeks whereas Prepaid subscriptions charge the payment of 3 products every 3 months. Pay as You Go subscriptions are discounted at 5% whereas Prepaid subscriptions are discounted at 10%. They also differ in delivery frequency with Pay as You Go subscriptions being delivered every 6 weeks and Prepaid subscriptions being delivered every month (4 weeks).

Pay as You Go:

  1. Charged for one product every 6 weeks
  2. Product delivered every 6th week
  3. 5% discount


  1. Charged for 3 products every 3 months
  2. Product delivered every month
  3. 10% discount

All subscriptions can be cancelled at any time BEFORE BEING SHIPPED in the customer subscription portal. A link will be sent to your email address with access to your subscription portal upon signup. YOU CAN NOT CANCEL THE PAYMENT FOR A SUBSCRIPTION DELIVERY ONCE THE PRODUCT HAS BEEN SHIPPED OUT. Any cancellations made AFTER shipping will apply to the next scheduled delivery date.

For any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email on our Contact Us page or text (773) 234-4549.