Where to Start

Take The Skin Care Quiz for personalized recommendations regarding acne care.

Our Best Sellers are always a great place for new customers to start!

Correcting Skin Texture

Ingrown hairs, rough skin, razor bumps

We recommend you start with an exfoliating scrub and a body butter or oil to begin addressing texture issues. 

Key Products: Vanilla Coconut Scrub, Scrub BundleTriple A Body Oil, Creamy Shea Body Butter, Body Butter Bundle

Correcting Skin Tone

Discoloration, Dark spots, Acne scars

We recommend you start with our TLC Skin Care Bundle and products containing almond/lemon oil to begin addressing skin tone issues. 

Key Products: TLC Skin Care Bundle, Honey Brown Sugar Scrub, Light Me Up Oil, Exclusively Lemon Lip Balm, CLEAR Face Wash

Correcting Skin Issues

Acne, Infections, Eczema, Breakouts

We recommend you start with products containing antiseptic ingredients like lavender and tea tree oil to begin addressing skin issues.

Key Products: CLEAR Face Wash, Black Magic Beard + Hair Conditioning Oil, Floral Fruit Bundle

Skin Enhancements

Always check our Beauty and Seasonal collections for enhancements like lip glosses, body shimmer oils, and gift sets.

Overall Maintenance

Butters, Balms, Oils, and Scrubs are your bestfriend for overall healthy, moisturized skin.

Skin Types

Aim for lightweight oils for oily skin and butters for dry skin.