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Bene Beauty by Bri

Sensitive Oatmeal Body Bar

Sensitive Oatmeal Body Bar

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Our Sensitive Oatmeal Body Bar is designed specifically for those with the most sensitive of skin, from babies to eczema sufferers to those who simply can't tolerate fragrances in their soap. 

The Sensitive Oatmeal Body Bar is formulated with skin soothing ingredients like colloidal oats and the same organic, cold-pressed herbal infused avocado oil responsible for healing various eczema flare ups via our Relief: Skin Soothing Oil. Free from artificial ingredients, colors, and fragrances of any kind, this completely unscented, fragrance-free soap bar is non-drying, non-stripping, and leaves the skin moisturized with a stable, creamy lather.

Larger than your average soap bar. Our standard size bars range from 5.0 to 6.0 oz each. Sample size bars are roughly 2.0 oz.

Avocado Oil Benefits: Avocado oil is intensely moisturizing, increasing the skin's permeability to tend to its deeper layers. It also helps improve the skin barrier, speed up the skin's repair process, is anti inflammatory, soothing, and is high in biotin which helps prevent dryness. Avocado oil increases the bar's moisturizing power.

Calendula Benefits: Topically, calendula speeds up the skin's healing process, decreases inflammation, reduces scarring, and is antimicrobial.

Chickweed Benefits: Chickweed is anti inflammatory, helping to calm red, itchy, and irritated skin. It helps heal wounds and infections, and is relatively cooling and soothing on the skin.

Colloidal Oats Benefits: Oats are well known to be a staple in eczema management. Oats helps calm dryness and itchiness while assisting other hydrating ingredients in penetrating the skin, soothes redness, is anti inflammatory, and antifungal. It's vitamin E content also helps prevent the skin from losing moisture.

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits: Hemp Seed Oil is deeply moisturizing, helping to relieve dry skin; promotes the growth of new skin cells; helps restore the skin's barrier; and is high in Vitamins A, C, E and F. It contributes to a creamy soap lather.

Just like every other skin condition, eczema management is an internal job. To help tackle the issue from the inside out, pair our Sensitive Oatmeal Body Bar with our Relief: Skin Soothing Oil, and our Skin Glow Herbal Tea for a gentle internal detox. Be sure to check out our Eating for Acne E book for more information on the role of detoxification in skin health. 

Note: This product is infused with real herbs. Some herbs may be missed during the straining process and appear as darker colored dots in your soap. Do not be alarmed.

"This product in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."



Sensitive Oatmeal Body Bar: saponified (Herbal infused Avocado Oil*; Coconut Oil*; Hemp Seed Oil*; Castor Oil; Cocoa Butter*), Distilled Water, Colloidal Oats


How to use

Wet your soap bar. Rub it onto a clean towel or body cleansing tool until it lathers. Apply to desired areas and rinse off with warm to cool water. Follow up with your moisturizer of choice from BENE Beauty by Bri.


Standard size soap bars last 4+ weeks when stored correctly.

Store soaps out of direct contact with water when not in use, as this speeds up the rate at which the soap dissolves. Allow it to dry completely between uses.




For external use only

Do not use on broken skin

Stop use if rash or irritation occurs.

"This product in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kyler Evans
F*** dove and dial

My skin feels like a baby's skin fresh out of its mother's body. I am now born again.

Carl Smith
Worth buying

I'm glad that I decided to buy skin care products by Bri because I wouldn't have received the oatmeal body bar as a free sample when I was only shopping to try her chapstick which is also good. I use the Oatmeal body bar to clean my face and it leaves my face feeling clean and has me feeling energetic and alert

Alba Ordonez
Great on Skin

After buying it and using it ever since the purchase, my skin has seen a significant decrease in itchiness, dryness and is much smoother than its ever been. Deifntely will buy again !

Raine Wright
Good Natural Soap

I purchased this bar for my 5yr old w/dry skin and rough patches on the knee caps and behind his neck. After finishing the entire bar, I will say that this is the ONLY NATURAL SOAP that didn't make his skin itch after a bath. I'm absolutely going to purchase another bar to gage weather this soap is the actual one to keep his skin nicely moistured because it definitely makes it clean.

Natural & Safe

I used this bar soap to wash my cat (lol) and avoid harsh ingredients. I use it personally also and feel comforted by the fact that there are no endocrine disrupters within it. It lathers beautifully & is generously sized. TYSM Bri! ☺️

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