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Sweet Vanilla Coconut Oil

Sweet Vanilla Coconut Oil

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The KEY to soft, supple skin. This oil triples as a body moisturizer, facial sealant, and hair oil. 

Our Sweet Vanilla Coconut Oil is ideal for post-shower moisturizing and layering for extra protection during the winter months. Pair with our Sweet Vanilla Body Butter and Sweet Vanilla Hydration Mist for enhanced fragrance. Who doesn't love being told they smell good?

Coconut Oil Benefits: helps keep skin moisturized by forming a protective barrier which preserves the skin's water content, blocks out bacteria, and helps heal wounds and scars. It is also anti inflammatory, soothing skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. 

Naturally softens skin, easy application, and fast absorbing for non-greasiness.

Genuine coconut scent with hints of sweet vanilla. Stays liquid. 4 oz dropper bottle, 8 oz pump. This product is naturally fragranced with a blend of benzoin oil, balsam of Peru oil, bourbon vanilla extract, and tonka bean extract.  

For more information on the benefits of coconut oil, check out our blog.




Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Organic Argan Oil

Essential Oil Blend or Botanical Fragrance Oil (for Scented Oils)

For Coconut Formulation:

Coconut Oil

Essential Oil Blend or Botanical Fragrance Oil

How to use

Apply to desired area as often as needed. For optimum hydration, apply to damp skin.



For external use only. 

Do not use on broken skin.

Stop use if rash or irritation occurs. 

Oil is a sealant, not a hydrator.

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Our Oils

are multi-use. Use them on your body, in your hair, for massages, hot oil treatments, and more!

The perfect lightweight moisturizer for the hot summer months.

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