What Your Cravings Mean

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Cravings for certain foods/consistencies point to unaddressed emotional issues. Craving being defined as your body feeling like it needs to have x y and z, or you feeling like you can't function properly without x y and z, not just a "I haven't had this food in awhile so I want some". Big difference. 

The way eating these foods makes us feel is essentially what creates the addiction/dependence on them when it comes to our emotions and view of self. For example, crunchy and chewy foods are associated with stress, anxiety, and tension. Imagine yourself holding tension and stress all over your body, face, jaw, etc. and then eating something chewy like a laffy taffy. The chewing motion of the jaws in combination with the consistency of the candy create a sort of "release" feeling that the body begins to crave when feeling tense, anxious, stressed. It's literally like a jaw massage.

The same goes for creamy foods. Creamy food cravings are associated with the need to be nurtured and comforted. Imagine yourself needing comfort and then eating something soothing and thick like ice cream. The creamy feeling of the food creates a sense of comfort that you then begin to crave when feeling a lack of nurturing. It's like someone rubbing your back or your belly. 

This is how food dependencies/addictions are created. We experience certain feelings that we remedy with certain foods which establish a connection to these foods that we subconsciously feel we need to have in order to remedy these feelings.

Cravings for bready foods (cakes, muffins, breads) point to insecurity, issues with self worth, and dissatisfaction. 

Cravings for chewy foods (gummy candies, taffy, chewy cookies, chicken/meats with high resistance when chewed) point to tension, stress, and the need to slow down and unwind.

Cravings for creamy foods (ice cream, oatmeal, cake icing) point to the need to be nurtured and comforted.

Cravings for crunchy foods (potato chips, chicken/meats with high resistance when chewed) point to anxiety and social pressure.

Cravings for salty foods (fries, fried foods, potato chips) point to repressed anger, frustration, and violent feelings.

Cravings for sweets (cookies, cakes, candies) point to issues with giving and/or receiving love. 

I was able to break my addiction to sweets by recognizing what it was that I was craving and giving that to myself in ways that didn't involve food.

I used to crave sweets BAD around the onset of my menstrual. After learning about the emotional connection to food cravings, I started paying more attention to what it was that I actually wanted when I started itching for something sweet.

My menstrual cramps used to be SEVERE to the point where I was out of commission for 24 hours at a time. I started craving sweets one day I was just starting to cramp when I stopped and actually asked myself "what is it that I want to feel?" I didn't physically feel good because I was cramping. I wanted sweets because I knew that the sweets would make me feel good. 

Revelation moment. From there, I turned my attention towards other things that make me feel good physically so that I wasn't stuffing my face with cookies and ice cream. I'd do something like make myself some tea or lay on a heating pad/hot water bottle or take a hot shower (warmth makes me feel good) and this way, I was able to satisfy my need to feel good without food. 

Next you find yourself feening for something sweet or salty or chewy, stop and ask yourself "what am I hoping this food will make me feel?" Once you have your answer, turn to healthier methods of satisfying that feeling to help you break your addiction/dependency on food for emotional issues. 

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 Reference: African Holistic Health by Dr. Llaila Afrika

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