Product Care + Instructions

Body Butters in the warmer months:

Shea Butter has a melting point of only ~89 degrees Fahrenheit. Your internal body temperature can melt it for perspective. 

Keeping this in mind, your Body Butter may experience liquification during the shipping process depending on your location and shipping times. While this may cause a slight change in the consistency of your butter, THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE OVERALL QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT!!

The whipping of our Body Butters creates air pockets in the butter which decrease the density and essentially "expand" the volume. This is what gives it a more light, airy, and creamy feel. In the case of liquification, the air pockets collapse and increase the density. This may cause your jar to appear as if it is not full although it was completely filled during processing. 

We highly recommend you opt for next-day or 2-day shipping (expedited) if ordering a Body Butter during the warmer months of the year to greatly decrease the chances of your butter experiencing liquification.

Please understand that our products are ALL NATURAL, meaning there are no artificial preservatives, thickeners, or hardeners used to eliminate the natural process of temperature fluctuation.

We at BENE Beauty by Bri prioritize staying true to the purpose and mission of providing CLEAN personal care products to our customers.

For any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.