Nourish your Garden.

People will tell you you "need" animal foods to be healthy. Nature says otherwise.

Learn where to obtain the most vital nutrients living a plant based lifestyle in our NEW Plant Based Eating for Beginners Volume 2: Nutrient Guide E Book.

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BENEfit your Body: Our Mission

A common misconception around living a truly natural lifestyle is that one will be stripped of the pleasures and appeal of their former habits. But who says natural can't be beautiful?

BENE Beauty by Bri is dedicated to bridging the gap between holistic body care and aesthetic beauty by providing handcrafted, organic personal care products that heal while still catering to the ornamental aspect of self care.

You can now sit and admire your collection of bath and body sets and know that they are BENEficial to your skin and overall health, and not slowly poisoning you from the inside out.

You're welcome.

  • Handcrafted

    Every product is hand-made in small batches using only the highest of quality ingredients.

  • Organic

    Ingredients from Mother Earth, not a lab.

  • Tailored for you

    Fit for problematic and sensitive skin.

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