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You're 1 of 1. Your skin care routine deserves to be just as special and personalized as you are.

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  • Handcrafted

    All products are handmade in small batches using only the highest of quality ingredients.

  • Tailored for you

    Our catalog includes something for EVERYONE; men, women, children, sensitive skin, oily skin, and dry skin.

  • Suitable year round

    Cyclical product rotations to best fit your needs for each season.

  • Research-backed

    We extensively study various herbs, butters, flowers, and oils to most effectively help you tackle your skin concerns NATURALLY.

Our Mission

Bene Beauty by Bri is dedicated to bridging the gap between wholistic body care and aesthetic beauty by providing handcrafted, organic products and overall knowledge on how to wholistically care for your body and skin.

No artificial fragrances or ingredients, EVER.

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