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Plant-Based Eating for Beginners E-book

Plant-Based Eating for Beginners E-book

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Are you trying to cut back on meat, but don’t know what to replace it with? Want to eat healthier meals but don’t know what to include? 

You’ve tried almost everything to eat healthier. Salads just don’t cut it; it seems like you’re always still hungry after eating. Removing meat from your meals has left you void of the flavors and sensations of fullness your plates used to give you. You might even contemplate eating healthy altogether and just fall back into your old habits. It’s easy to give up. 

Our plant based approach to nutrition has helped people just like you achieve their dieting goals and drastically cut back on consuming animal foods, with some even removing them from their diet completely. Say goodbye to bland salads and hunger pains 15 minutes after eating, and welcome tasteful, filling plant based meals with open arms. 

With our “Plant Based Eating for Beginners” E book, you’ll be given all the tools you need to cut back on health-jeopardizing animal foods while properly replacing them with plant based whole foods, without starving your body in the process. Brag on your plate being the reason for your glowing skin and healthy figure. Serve your family and friends meatless dishes with the confidence that they’ll leave stuffed and satisfied. Tap into your best and healthiest self through a few simple tweaks to your plate.

Volume 1 of our "Plant-Based Eating for Beginners" E-book features 7 delectable recipes from breakfast to dessert in addition to a Plate Building guide, plant protein substitutes and other necessities for establishing healthy dietary habits.

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DISCLAIMER: The content included in this E-book is PURELY informational. It is in no way intended to replace guidance or instruction from a licensed health professional. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases, but is PURELY for informational purposes. 

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