Our Story

(2017) After hours of scrolling through YouTube videos searching for hairstyles to do with a new gel I had recently bought, I came across a video of a popular hair care vlogger describing her repulsive experience with a well-known brand who had apparently 'forgotten' to add the fragrance to her specific batch of gel. The video went into the details of how horrid the chemical smell was, where the YouTuber then proceeded to list off each ingredient in the gel and the side effects of said ingredients with consistent use. Upon listening to the monstrosity that was the "hair gel" ingredients, I noticed that I had began experiencing one of the side effects...which I NEVER had an issue with prior to beginning use of this gel a few months before.

From that point forward, I became very conscious of EVERYTHING I put on my body. I began checking the ingredients on my body washes, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, and all I could find were chemicals that caused disease. 

(2019) I began making my own products, starting with deep conditioners and hair oils and eventually advancing to lip glosses. I sold my glosses for a short period of time under the business name "Litty Lips by Bri", but didn't progress that far due to a lack of passion.

As time went on and I learned more, my handmade lip glosses expanded to lip balms and lip scrubs which then yielded body butters and oils. I used every chance I had to educate those around me on the dangers of commercial personal care products, and most listened, but the first thing they all asked me was "Well what should I use?"

On August 10, 2020, my 20th birthday, in the midst of a global plandemic, BENE Beauty by Bri was born. Founded with the intention of first: providing organic, toxin free personal care products and second: educating on how these products BENEfit your health, BENE Beauty by Bri has since grown into the health & beauty brand we all know and love today.

BENE Beauty by Bri is dedicated to bridging the gap between holistic skin care and aesthetic beauty by providing handcrafted, organic personal care products that heal while still catering to the ornamental aspect of body care. You can now sit and admire your collection of bath and body sets and know that they are BENEficial to your skin and overall health, and not slowly poisoning you from the inside out. You're welcome.

Our CEO & Founder Brianna Millions (Bri) is a recent graduate of the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University with her Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering. Bri utilizes the biological and chemical knowledge gained through academia in addition to her personal studies and experiences surrounding the human body, herbs, plants, and foods to develop the products offered here at BENE Beauty by Bri. She has an innate passion for health and learning, and utilizes her platform to share the wealth that is health with those around her.

CLEAN products: the return to self. Helping you find your way back to yourself is helping you find your way back to God. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Thank you for your support in the growth of our brand as a catalyst for the collective ascension. 

Brianna Millions

CEO & Founder