Our Story


After discovering that a popular hair gel I’d begun using in 2017 caused me to develop eczema, I began questioning just how many toxins were hiding in my personal care products. From there began the search on the ingredients in my shower gels, shampoos, and everything else I used on my body, and all I could find were chemicals that caused disease. 


Following many trials with ineffective products marketed as “natural”, I realized that even the “natural” ones weren’t so pure, and the importance of actually reading and being able to recognize the ingredients listed on the labels. I decided to start making my own personal care products to ensure there was no room for error in this area, eventually making them available for others to purchase.


A little further along my journey in 2019, I consciously decided to stop eating red meat due to fears surrounding my body image. As time progressed, my body literally started rejecting animal foods…with me ending up completely vegan by September of 2020. I never thought it’d be mebut this was honestly the best thing that’s happened for me in my life.


My diet transition brought to my attention how much of an impact the foods we eat on a daily basis impact our physical, mental/spiritual, and emotional health. I never knew there were so many fake things being put in our foods. I never knew how much what I ate was affecting my mental state of being. I never knew that the foods we eat are directly connected to the diseases we as Americans way too often develop later in life. Coming from a bloodline rampant in diabetes and heart disease, this awareness was life-changing. There was no way I could keep quiet about it. Plant-based recipes and guidance were then incorporated into my overall brand in the form of social media content and informational ebooks. 


The reason we as a people are so sick is because we lack KNOWLEDGE of how the things we expose ourselves to on a daily basis affect our overall state of being, from the products we put on our bodies to the foods we put in our bodies to the environments and people we subject ourselves to. We also rarely see examples of our own people living in this knowledge by making better lifestyle choices. These are crucial factors that determine the difference between health and disease, peace and chaos, and heaven and hell while we still roam this earth. If we only knew better, we could do better.


BENE Beauty by Bri is dedicated to guiding people back to NaTuRe by providing the physical resources, information, and inspiration needed to help others heal themselves and lead a life that works in tandem with the natural world instead of against it. I strive to show others by example that living a natural, healthy lifestyle in a world full of artificiality and toxins everywhere you turn is tangible, no matter what your current circumstances may be. From *super* humble beginnings with lip glosses, lip balms and scrubs to body butters and oils; eventually expanding to handcrafted soaps, herbal teas, and informational E books; I have recognized my purpose goes beyond just being a resource for external physical care products. Holistic beings require a holistic approach to life.

My background in the sciences as a Bioengineering graduate as well as my 4+ years of studying herbs stand as a guiding factor in the development of every product offered, whether it be skin care, an E book, or an herbal blend. True understanding of the why and how something works is crucial in my role as a guide for others. Both logic and intuition are ever present in every aspect of this brand. 


NaTuRal living…by example.🌻



CEO & Founder