Acne + Diet

You may think that the foods you eat have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of your skin. I'm here to tell you today that is very wrong. Your skin is a DIRECT reflection of what's going on inside your body, so if you're having consistent breakouts, you need to be looking at your plate before you look on your bathroom shelf.

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The body primarily relies on the excretory system, the digestive system, and the liver to cleanse and detoxify itself of harmful toxins, chemicals, and/or non-necessary materials that have made their way into our bloodstream via our food and body products. This includes the colon, kidneys, ureters, bladder, and of course the liver. HOWEVER, if these systems become overwhelmed or backed up due to toxin overload, the body turns to the skin to help pick up the slack; the skin is not the most prevalent detox organ but it is the largest.


This means that your diet and skin care products could actually be causing your acne. 

Washing your face with soaps that may not even be actual soap containing 35 other lab-derived ingredients invites a plethora of toxic materials and chemicals into your bloodstream: anything you put on you goes in you. If you wouldn't feel safe eating your body wash or shampoo, why are you putting it on your body? Food works the same way. Our diets literally comprise who we are as people; EVERYTHING goes back to the food you eat every day. If all you eat is tons of processed sugars like candy and artificially sweetened coffee and cookies with 4 different "colors" to make it look pretty and flavors that were developed under a microscope, you're going to overload your body forcing it to turn to your pores for help cleansing you of all that crap. Whether chickens shot up with artificial growth hormones or dairy from artificially inseminated cows, the result is all the same: BREAKOUTS. 

This is why its so important to EAT CLEAN! No matter how many skin care products you try and buy, if you don't address your diet, your skin will continue to break out. Get to the ROOT cause of your issue versus just putting a band aid over it by managing the symptoms. Its actually pretty simple:

Reduce toxin intake = main detox organs function more optimally and don't have to fall back on the skin for help = clear and healthy skin

Reduce your toxin intake by shopping clean, organic products like what we offer here at Bene Beauty by Bri! Every ingredient we use comes from the earth, and no toxic preservatives, fragrances, or additives are included, ever. Our Eating for Acne E Book is the ideal place to start reducing your toxin intake from the inside out. Less animal products = less time for your body to excrete what you've eaten = less or no acne. 

Did you know how important diet was in managing acne? Let us know below!


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