Cinnamon Spice Body Butter

Could this warm, spicy ingredient actually cool your skin troubles??

Does your acne get in the way of you confidently flaunting your fall makeup looks? Want to bust out that smooth nude lip gloss, but fear it will make your dark spots stand out? 

Our Cinnamon Spice Body Butter has helped people just like you to tame their acne, scars included, and regain their confidence naturally. Wear your favorite shades boldly with no concerns about people side-eyeing your skin. Save yourself the YouTube University makeup stress and confidently go with a fresh, natural lip gloss and lashes look. Embrace you in your barest, most beautiful form. 

Using our Cinnamon Spice Body Butter will allow you to organically cater to your skin ailments, whether it be painful, red acne bumps on your face or itchy, irritated eczema on your body. You'll be able to walk around with a certainty of how good you look, not to mention how cool and calm your skin will feel. Say goodbye to blotchy spots and discoloration. Take your pictures from every angle with no worries about the camera capturing your eruptions.

Fights Acne

Cinnamon's antibacterial properties make it a potent acne fighter, killing acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. It helps to unclog pores and balances the skin's natural oil production. 

Improves Skin Complexion & Texture 

Cinnamon corrects hyperpigmented skin by acting against the enzyme called tyrosinase which is involved in the production of melanin. It also slows down the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which are responsible for causing fine lines, wrinkles, and UV sensitivity. Fresh face, maybe?

Soothes Inflammation & Dryness

Cinnamon also has anti inflammatory properties, working to calm swollen, irritated inflamed skin. When paired with a moisturizing carrier oil, like in our Cinnamon Spice Body Butter, it helps provide itch/dryness relief to the face, body, and even the scalp. One of our customer's reviews mentions how "(...) moisturizing this was when [she] used it on [her] legs. So [she] decided to try a tiny amount for [her] itchy/dry scalp and it provide[d] a lot of relief!" 


Our Cinnamon Spice Body Butter is fragranced naturally using only essential oils and real cinnamon. Including hints of coconut and warm vanilla, it'll not only have your skin glowing, but have you smelling as warm and sweet as a freshly baked cinnamon roll. 

Don't just let every one else have enjoy a life of calm, even-toned skin and sweet smells. Grab your Cinnamon Spice Body Butter NOW and enjoy a fall full of confidence. Click here to buy yours! 


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