For all my loc heads, loose naturals, and everybody in between:

Fall is creeping...and that means you need to be doing a little bit more to protect your hair from the changing weather, cold winds, and other elements. 

One of the BEST tips I can give anyone with natural hair, loose or loc'd: WRAP IT UP!

Exposure to cold winds/cool air can actually cause the cuticle of the hair strand to slightly lift, allowing water to escape and causing dryness. Dry hair can cause breakage, and no one wants that. 

On top of that, most hair hydrators (aloe vera, rose water, etc.) are humectants meaning that they draw moisture into the hair from the environment. If the environment is cold and dry, our logic tells us that dryness will be pulled into our hair. 

Seeing as that cold weather can be so drying to the hair, you're more than likely going to have to moisturize your hair more often than you do in the summer months, but even if you don't, there's another reason to keep your hair wrapped up as the seasons change: frost. Misting your hair with hydrating liquids, sealing with oil and then going outside in 30 degree temperatures can cause all that water you just put in your hair to freeze. Frost in your hair literally sounds like a disaster so just imagine what it'd do to your hair health. 

Check out our YouTube shorts for a few head wrap styles you can wear this fall and winter! Now is the time for silk-lined beanies, hats, wigs, and protective styles. Remember to use silk or satin head wraps or put on a silk/satin cap, scarf, or durag before your wrap to avoid the moisture being sucked out. 



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